Embrace this beautiful form of massage, with origins in India as well as Thailand - often described as yoga being done to you. Thai yoga massage includes gentle, rhythmic compression and assisted stretches in a sequences of poses (or asana) along acupressure points and energy channels (sen lines) in the body. Sequences are designed to stretch, align and encourage energy flow in the body, as well as work through deep muscle and myofascial tension. The feeling after a session is a often a mixture of the energized, balanced feeling after a yoga class, combined with meditative and deep relaxation from massage.


Thai massage is a wonderfully holistic way to experience massage, as the combination of stretching and compression helps to naturally open the body, rather than direct, deep pressure in traditional western massage. Many often find their tension to release faster and benefits to last longer after their sessions. 




Thai yoga massage can be applied for a wide range of uses, including:

· wellness & restorative relaxation/rebalancing

· increasing flexibility and range of motion

· massage for athletes (sports massage)

· releasing scar tissue and fascial adherence from old injuries

· deep tissue muscle release for overall muscle tension


Thai massage can be a much deeper, more dynamic and thorough experience than traditional table massage as it involves movement and stretching with compression, synchronized with the breath. It is a cooperative practice that gets your nervous system involved in postural change and injury recovery.

90 minute sessions or longer are recommended and preferred for Thai massage.