Experience one of my signature offerings, a beautiful combination of subtle energy work and Swedish massage. The massage aspect ads a physical, tactile experience while Reiki depth to the session, tapping into the subtle level of energy healing. You set your intention and the depth you want to go. Sessions are designed specifically for your needs and intentions, and can include a unique blend on the following depending on you needs and goals:

 · Ayurvedic and essential oils

 · Intuitive energy work

 · Reiki

 · Sen line/acupressure

 · Crystal healing 

 · Guided breathwork

 · Guided meditation/visualization

These help you achieve deep relaxation, and to tap into deeper states of consciousness for inner healing and wellbeing.

This type of bodywork can serve as a deeply therapeutic relaxation session to for fine tuning and inner balancing. It can also help to release stored emotions, tension holding and negative patterns from the body. There is a deep interconnection between mind and body, as one cannot operate without the other; these sessions bring special focus and awareness to that connection.

Holistic bodywork sessions can work wonders as a complement to treatment by a recommending psychotherapist or mental health counselor. 


Due to the more specialized nature of these sessions, I find 90 minute sessions are the most beneficial in order to delve deeply into the focus at hand, as well as allow time for pre & post-discussion and processing.



with Krishna Bhakti Yoga Arts

Seattle, WA

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