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BHAKTI YOGA, the yoga of devotion

Play the video below to learn more about Krishna Priya as a yoga teacher and holistic wellness practitioner. 

Krishna Priya Dasi currently offers:

  • YouTube Videos

  • Numerous resources on bhakti yoga that are free of charge

  • Zoom Community yoga classes by donation

  • Zoom Private Yoga/Ayurvedic Coaching

In Krishna Priya's private sessions, you will:


  •  Develop your daily sadhana (practice) of yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.

  • Receive an analysis of your doshas, Prakriti versus Vikruti, and your unique Ayurvedic constitution

  • Receive instruction personalized to your wellness, based on your doshas

  • Enhance your yoga practice & spiritual growth/healing with wisdom from the Vedas

  •  Learn time-tested Ayurvedic techniques for the best form of self-care on earth

  • Dial in your daily routine to sync with the rhythms of the day and seasons

  • Practice mudras, mantras, and energy points & centers within the body (marma points, nadi channels and chakras)

  • All at a moderate pace designed for gradual, progressive habit change designed for modern yoga practitioners 

1 private session: $108

3 private sessions (recommended): $301

5 private sessions: $492

Reach out if you've got questions-

our virtual door is open!